summer programme

Every summer visual artists, musicians, craftsmen, architects and designers are invited. The summer programme is designed to encourage groups to work together on projects and to initiate collaborations that will continue beyond summer. In this way self-organized networks are stimulated and promoted. 

Participants 2021

Sepake Angiama, Fani Bitou, Antonio Contreras, Michelangelo Corsaro, Byron Kalomamas, Christl Mudrak, Kosmas Nikolaou, Marlene Oeken, Eleni Papazoglou, Marco Pinarelli, Wolfram Sinapius, Eirini Tiniakou and Walter Götsch, Theodoros Tzannetakis, Paky Vlassopoulou, Andrew Whittle, EJ Williams

Participants 2020

Julie Loi, Leonidas Danezos, Tassos Magorical, Joel Mu, Agustin Farias, Tomas Eyzaguirre, Kosmas Nikolaou, Byron Kalomamas, Theodoros Tzannetakis, Alex Chalmers, Wolfram Sinapius

Photoshooting by Tomas Eyzaguirre

Tomas Eyzaguirre took practices of fashion editorials, which he applied to photographs of pieces of fabric hung on simple structures. While his stay at the hermitage he built a sculpture that visualizes a mannequin while dressing up and used the sculpture as object for his photography.

Burial of things by Alex Chalmers

Alex Chalmers is interested in the history of his surroundings. So he came up with the idea to collect objects and materials from the island which are connected in some way to the collective memory. He made a time capsule by digging a hole and burying them. All participants will meet in 2023 at the hermitage again to excavate the time capsule.

Designing sleeping units together with Wolfram Sinapius and Theodoros Tzannetakis 

In a week-long workshop the olive grove of the hermitage was measured and a 1:100 model was built.

Construction of a geodesic dome by Kosmas Nikolaou and Byron Kalomamas

Kosmas Nikolaou and Byron Kalomamas constructed a geodesic dome. They introduced this kind of simple and functional structure to the participants and suggested it as an idea for sleeping units that could be realized in the olive grove of the hermitage.

Reading Performance by Joel Mu 

Joel Mu had just finished his first book when the summer programme took place. The book originated from a trip he and Andreas Sell took together in the spring of 2019 to Sykaminea, tracing multiple narratives and people, now woven into his reflections of this journey. Joel brought his text back to its origin.

Concert by Mytilenoise 

Mytilenoise is the new music project by Leonidas Danezos and Tassos Magorical. In their music they combine samplers and drum machines operated manualy, creating illusion through rhythm-manipulation. Greek baglamas, live mixing and production.

Taking portraits by Agustin Farias 


Agustin Farias created a super 8 film while his time at the hermitage. His focus was to catch not only the beginning of this new place, but also to reflect the atmosphere on the island.

Durational construction by Julie Loi

While being at the hermitage Julie built a portable heating device for small spaces. A kind of hybrid 

J-shaped rocket stove technology and mass storage rocket stove, composed of metal elements and clay. She has never done something like this before, so her workshop was a learning process for everyone.

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