wool manufacture hub

pilot phase 2021

With the foundation of a wool manufacture we intend not only to process sheep's wool as a product, but also to show the region an economic model, which should find imitators and bring a renewed branch of industry to the island. 

Workshops will take place and experts called in for consultancy towards an optimal start up model. Product designers and artists shall use the wool as prime material towards a line of fine products. In this way we plan to bring traditional processing methods into a contemporary environment and revive the small-medium business of wool on the island. Sustainability and ecology are the basis for high quality products. Sheep are mostly used for the milk and meat industry. The wool is thrown away, at best, disposed of by local authorities in the dump yards. Yet wool is a valuable prime material with many applications. 

Our aim is to create a hub that revalues wool by buying raw wool from farmers and producing ecological products from it. Initially, we plan a pilot phase in which the enterprise will run through all the steps of the wool cycle on a small scale. 

The pilot phase will include training members of the unit, processing the wool cycle, development of sustainable products, research the washed-wool market towards managing waste and establishing local employment opportunities in the branch. 

In recent years, the island of Lesvos has become the epicenter of the refugee crisis. The EU and the Greek government have geared their efforts to managing migration rather than reinforcing the local community to adequately address this global social challenge. Due to the crisis, many islanders have lost their livelihoods, far-right movements have gained influx. Establishing the hub aims at creating best practice by valuing local goods and opportunities, promoting employment and creative initiatives. Recycling sheep’s wool will directly impact the environment.  

The project is initiated by Julie Loi and Andreas Sell

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